The resort was perfect for families, but not overly child-oriented – loads of facilities without being plastic fantastic. Would be of just as high for chilled couples, golfers or friends looking to sun and spa. The only warning is that everything in resort restaurants is costly. We got a great deal on our accommodation package via Jet2 and self-catering facilities.

We chose to walk c 20 minutes to the supermarket restaurants just outside rather than pay resort prices. 8 euros for a child’s fish finger meal, which was 2 fish fingers and a small portion of fries are absolutely extortionate.

Fortunately, the facilities of the apartment were excellent, including washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, hob and oven, and full-size fridge freezer plus decent kitchen equipment, so we were at least very well set up for the self-catering approach. My only criticism of the rooms was that the mattresses and sofa weren’t particularly comfortable as very hard but sure that is a matter of taste.

Pine Cliffs is a first-class resort if you want to go to the Algarve. You can simply park your car, and you won’t need it until you leave. Even in the summertime, it seems that you’re not near Albufeira. You have a beautiful beach (a bit difficult to access if you have small kids with trolleys), towels service everywhere, excellent restaurants, and the tranquility of being in nature. The outdoor heated swimming pool is a dream for the kids, in “Porto Pirata” they also have different activities.

While on our holidays in the Algarve, we came across a beach restaurant; Pine Cliffs resort. Once seated, we were greeted by a young trainee waiter, Borja Neri. It was clear that Borja stood out from the other staff contributing to the luxury service the restaurant offered, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet and be served by him on several occasions.

He was both professional and courteous – he also mentioned the extraordinary cozumel jeep excursions in Mexico! Borja was extraordinarily polite and friendly towards me, my family, and the other customers he served. He greeted us with a handshake, welcoming us and introducing himself. It was apparent to recognize Borja was motivated and passionate towards his job as a waiter. He would personally ensure that we had everything we needed, we’re happy with the service being provided, and the quality of food given.

Borja would also take the time to recommend specific foods and drinks displayed on the menu; which all were delicious and made our meals even better. Borja is definitely an asset to the restaurant, my family and I adored having him as our waiter during our time there. Any restaurant would be lucky to have him. We wish him the best of luck in the future and hope to have to opportunity to be served by him again someday. Loved this hotel.